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Colourways and Dye Lots


When you are choosing your hand-dyed yarn, I would recommend that you buy as much yarn as you need to complete your project.  I rarely repeat colourways and the nature of hand-dyed yarn means that even if I did repeat a colourway, it would be different to the previous dye lot.


If you are working with more than one skein, I would recommend working from the skeins at the same time, alternating between the skeins every alternate row.  This will help to blend in any colour variation between skeins.


Types of Dye


I use professional grade dyes and acid fixers (citric acid).  Please note that very occasionally, some of the dye may leave a small amount of residue on your hands during knitting, this is especially the case with bright turquoise and cerulean blues due to the nature of the dye.  Please be confident that the dye is fixed to the fibre.  I would recommend that during the first few washes, you wash your hand-dyed items separately.


Colour Pooling


Colour pooling is when you get a collected area or ‘pooling’ of one particular colour in your knitting or crocheting.  When I dye my yarn, I endeavour to keep the colour application as random as I can and I use many different shades and tones of colour in order to reduce the possibility of pooling.  However, the chances of colours pooling is greatly influenced by the number of stitches you have, so it is very difficult to eliminate pooling all together.



Information about Hand-Dyed Yarn