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By unknown, Nov 9 2014 09:56AM

The frivolity of yarn dyeing in the face of the 100 year commemoration of the First World War, seems trite, but back in August, I was experimenting with some new colour combinations whilst listening to an article on the radio about the ‘Great War’. I found the whole radio article very moving and as I was listenening to it, I kind of fell into a quiet place and was imagining the horrors of that time.

It was only after I’d finished dyeing the skein, that I realised I’d painted greens and reds together in such a way that they looked like poppies in a field. I felt very strange as I looked down at the wet yarn and knew that this was a one-of-a-kind skein and very special.

I normally name my colourways as I’m painting them and this one was immediately called “Flanders Fields”.

By unknown, Oct 12 2014 11:01AM

Well, what a wonderful day at the Sherborne Artisan Market yesterday. We met some lovely people and shared knitting and crocheting stories.

We were lucky enough to be 'pitched' next to the wonderful Emma of 'The Vanilla Squirrel' and I have put some photographs of her beautiful hand-made items for you to see. I could not resist buying a little lavender bag!

So today will be a quiet day recovering and I have already started on designing some "Christmas Specials" and some Christmas present bundles for the Christmas Sherborne Artisan Market on Sunday 7th December.

Setting up our table
Setting up our table
The Vanilla Squirrel
The Vanilla Squirrel
My little lavender scent bag.
My little lavender scent bag.

By unknown, Oct 9 2014 04:32PM

Well, the skeins are all ready and waiting to go to the Sherborne Artisan Market on Saturday 11th October.

I been busy dyeing up some lovely Tethera 100% Superwash Merino double knits in preparation. I'm sure it will be a wonderful day with lots of interesting things going on. Maybe I'll see you there?