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By unknown, Apr 15 2016 09:26AM

Hi everyone

Well, the boxes are slowly being unpacked and chaos is giving way to a sense of order. My new studio is slowly being put together and I'm so excited to be able to get back up to full production again after what seems like an eternity.

I have managed to squeeze my way through the boxes enough to get some new colourways dyed up for the Spring season. These have very much been influenced by the rediscovery of my watercolour paintings. I have been thoroughly enjoying messing about with washes and swirls of colour. I've had some happy accidents along the way too and discovered some lovely colour combinations which I will develop more fully.

I hope you enjoy my new collection and once again, that you for your patience during my house move and new studio build. Hoping to be back up to full dyeing strength very soon!

Best wishes